Mobile C-Arm Services, LLC is introducing a new program called “C-Arm Share” for Hospitals & Surgical Centers to address the rampant inefficiency caused by owning C-Arm’s that are often underutilized.

Purchasing or leasing a C-arm for use once, or even twice a week /month or for Overflow situations does not make great financial sense; especially considering that health systems are under increasing pressure to improve financial performance.

Our company has years of experience managing, maintaining, and moving Mobile C-arm equipment in the Texas Market.   We have C-arms strategically placed in the Texas market so that your company can benefit in this “Sharing Economy”

Benefits of the “C-Arm Share” Program are:

  • Avoid a long term commitment to a Lease or Equipment purchase agreement.  (Our program is a renewable yearly contract).

  • Avoid paying for expensive maintenance or repair costs.

  • Avoid C-Arm “Downtime” by having a replacement unit ready 24 hours a day.

  • Avoid paying for a C-arm that may be underutilized because of its primary use for “Overflow procedures” or C-arms that are only used a few times a month.

Call us at 281-806- 5566 ext. 5, or fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss the C-Arm Share details.